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Brake & Clutch Repair

When looking for the exceptional and reliable mechanics and technicians to service your car, what are the qualities you look for? If you are looking for professional car services like clutch and brake repair in Hampton Park, ABC Brake and Clutch is the car service for you. Thanks to our passionate and attentive style of car service, Hampton Park motorists and beyond can look to the team at ABC Brake and Clutch to deliver a unique and unmatched level of support and repair for your vehicle.

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We are the specialists in high-quality brake and clutch repairs with price guarantee.

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We use quality products for your vehicles, makes and models to make sure you get the best.

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Our priority is to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive and working at its best.

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  • Brake Pad Replacement
  • Disc and Drum Machining
  • Brake Shoe relining
  • Specialised Brake & Cluthches
Brake Pad Replacement

Brake pads are a crucial part of your braking system and need to be in good working order to ensure optimal braking performance and safety. ABC Brake and Clutch Supplies can replace your brake pads and machine your rotors so your brakes feel like new. We offer an extensive range of brake pads depending on your driving application.

Ask us to find the right brake pad option for your vehicle.
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Disc and Drum Machining

At ABC Brake and Clutch Supplies’ Dandenong workshop, our modern equipment is capable of machining disc rotors for all types of vehicles, from the smallest car disc to the biggest truck rotors.

We are one of the very few workshops able to machine truck brake drums without removing the tyres.

Ask us to find the right brake pad option for your vehicle.
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Brake Shoe Relining

ABC Brake and Clutch Supplies can reline your truck shoes with our air-operated relining machine. The old lining is removed and the shoe resurfaced before the new lining is fitted. This ensures cracking or chipping of the lining is eliminated.

Ask us to find the right brake pad option for your vehicle.
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Specialised Brake & Cluthches

We specialise in repairing brakes and clutches for all makes and models of vehicles – domestic, 4WDs, caravans, trailers, trucks, tractors and even horse floats

  • Brake & Clutch Repairs
  • Parts and Sales
  • Brake Discs, Drum Machining and Flywheel Grinding
  • Suspension Work
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    Awesome brake shop. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff, always happy to offer help and advice. I'm very happy with the full set of GP Max brake pads, they have plenty of grip and perform well with my slotted and dimpled rotors.

    Jorge Gutierrez
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    These guys are the fastest, the cheapest, and they know their job. They did brake on my Ford Falcon UTE 30% cheaper than the other workshops were asking. I highly recommend them.

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    Genuine and friendly service.. Fair! & honest Pricing.Thank you guys for the great service to my Mitsubishi van Cheers

    Idan Elkslasi
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    These guys know their job.They did a fabulous job on my brakes.Loved it.Thanks Steve.

    Shaji Cherian
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Car Services and Clutch, Brake and Truck Repair in Hampton Park

Specialising in brake, truck and clutch repair, Hampton Park locals can feel confident in our services. Thanks to our years of experience, our team has a deep understanding of the best and most durable parts and components that can greatly improve the life and handling of your car. This allows us to provide the best car services in truck, clutch and brake repair Hampton Park residents can find, as well as to surrounding locals.

When working on your vehicle we have a strict checklist that we work to so that no area of your car is overlooked. From fluids, pipes, and hoses to steering and clutch repair, Hampton Park locals can be certain that all integral parts and components of your car are looked over to ensure your car runs smoothly. For exceptional heavy vehicle services like truck repair, Hampton Park residents can trust ABC Brake and Clutch to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Our mechanics are experts in car services in Hampton Park and our extensive experience means we can find you the right solutions to get you back on the road without compromising your safety or costing you too much time, letting you keep moving forward.

For professional car services, such as clutch, truck and brake repair, Hampton Park locals can give us a call to find out how we can help. If you want to know more about us and what we do, or you would like to discuss costs and availability of our repair services, please contact our team today.

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